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Swedish & Malagasy

 Contemporary Artist

Story of an Artist

For those reading this, a big thank you and a warm welcome in my world of art.

As a half Swedish half Malagasy contemporary artist born in Madagascar where I spent my childhood, I later started boarding school in Switzerland at the age of 9 in Institut Le Rosey and finished my high school in an all girls institution in England - Roedean. I then studied a dual degree in Instituto de Empressa in Madrid (Business Administration and International Relations) which I decided to drop out of to pursue my passion for art which lead me to complete a Bachelors of Fine Art in Painting at the University of the Arts, London, and a Masters in Art Business at Sotheby's, London. 

I am today on my pursue of expanding a strong passion for art, one that I will share with you along the way.

Art has changed the way I vision life. Walking down a street, driving past a building, sitting in a park constantly thinking to myself “how would I represent this on a canvas”?

I travel the world to discover unique cultures which I then depict with color and life in my art work.
However, my main source of inspiration remains my home, Africa. 

Painting is for me; entering a utopian world every time I take a paintbrush out to start a new canvas.

As a self-taught artist, I am today based in London where I continue to teach myself new art techniques I discover through experimentation and practice in my Kensington studio. I have recently been working towards solo exhibitions, group exhibitions, an art fair, collaborations with brands and film productions, auctions and commissions on an international scale.

Having the chance of discovering your passion and pursuing it, will change your vision of living and bring you to life.

My talent for painting is the greatest gift God has given me, and I shall rise in its discovery.

A warm welcome in the commencement of my art journey.
Elsa Åkesson 

"I am glad I became an artist, because we are the only ones to know how it feels to be alive." - unknown
River Flows in You - Yiruma
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